Mahavir – Lord Mahavira’s Biography – Mahavir Swami Life

The Mahavir with the nickname “Vardhamanar” was born in the year 599, in a royal family to Siddhartha and Trisala in “Kunda” near Vaisali, Bihar, India. His parents nicknamed him “Vardhamanar”.

Born into a royal family, he was raised very influentially. However, at an early age, he became spiritually inclined and more involved in meditation and self-realization. He later married a woman named Yasodhara and was married. He became heavily involved in Jainism, then withdrew from domestic life and renounced royal and family life in his thirties.

mahavir biography

Mahavir – Lord Mahavira’s Biography – Mahavir Swami Life

After about twelve years of meditation and spiritual pursuits in search of the meaning of human life, the Mahavira attained enlightenment under a tree called “Sala”. Since then he has been called a “Mahavir.” Mahavira means ‘great hero’. Wanting to tell the world the truths he had seen, Mahavira undertook a spiritual journey across India and taught the people the truths he knew.

On bare feet, without any clothes, not only did people from all walks of life gather to listen to his teachings, but Jainism began to spread vigorously throughout India. Thus, Mahavira was hailed as the twenty-fourth Tirthankara in the line of Jain priests. He was also the last Tirthankar to appear during the Jain period.

The teachings of Mahavira, hailed by the Samanas as the last of the twenty-four Tirthankars, were interpreted as the supreme principles of love, humanity and non-violence. The Mahavira taught that ‘every living being has a soul, which, as a result of its good or bad deeds, attains the effect of the action of karma’.

To get rid of this, he also taught that ‘attaining the state of paranoia’ can be achieved by adhering to the so-called ‘optimism, common sense, good deeds’ which are the three gems. Furthermore, the five attributes of Jainism were ‘not to harm any creature, not to speak only the truth, not to steal, not to indulge in sexual pleasures, not to lust after material possessions’.

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Final Words

Mahavira Ki, who lived as the epitome of Jainism, conveyed to the people the way of non-violence and love, showing the morality of showing love to all living beings and not harming or killing other living beings. He died in 527 BC at Bawa in Bihar at the age of 72.

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