TNPDS: Smart Card Status | Application | Services – Guide

TNPDS means Tamil Nadu Electronic Public Distribution System. In this article, I am going to share some useful information about TNPDS.


Do you know? You can change your sugar card into a Rice card online. I am going to talk about the services offered by the Tnpds such as,

  • Smart Card Status
  • Smart Card Application
  • Other Services

The ration is the most important proof in Tamilnadu. Do you want to check the status of the smart card online then follow the procedure I have mentioned below?

TNPDS Smart Card Status Online

You will get a reference number while registering a card. Use that reference number to know the status of your smart card.

tnpds smart card application status
  1. Open TNPDS Smart Card Status Check Page
  2. Enter your reference number and submit the form
  3. The website will show the status of your ration card

Do you know? The Central & Tamilnadu government introduced the smart ration card to avoid corruption in the food department.

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Digital India is a good scheme to avoid corruption in many government sectors. I appreciate the Honorable Prime Minister of India(Narendra Modi) because of Digital India Scheme.

Types of Smart Card Available in TNPDS

There are three types of smart card available in Tamilnadu those are,

  • Light Green Card
  • White Card
  • No Commodity Card

Depends on your usage, you can change the card type online. No commodity card means you don’t need any products.

Sugar card means you only want sugar instead of Rice. Light Green Card means you need both rice & sugar.

Frequently Asked Questions About TNPDS

How to print TNPDS smart card?

To print the smart card, You need to login to the TNPDS website using your registered mobile number. After that, In dashboard you will find an option to download the smart card.

How to edit ration card details such as Family Head Member, Card Type, and Address?

The specialty of the Tamilnadu Ration card website is you can edit smart card details online without any hassle. Just login to your account and make the changes.


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