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A.R. Rahman | Biography, Scores, Awards, & Facts

A.R. Rahman | Biography: He was born on January 6, 1966, in Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu. His given name is Dilip Kumar. His father’s name was Seker. He worked in the field of Malayalam music.

A.R. Rahman, who lost his father at a young age, rented out his father’s musical instruments due to his family situation and started learning music on its income. When his father died, he was nine years old. Once when his sister was suffering from an illness, his sister was completely cured as a result of going to the mosque and praying on the advice of a Muslim friend. Thus his family converted to Islam.

A.R. Rahman | Biography, Scores, Awards, & Facts

A.R. Rahman | Biography, Scores, Awards, & Facts

A.R. Rahman, at the age of eleven, joined the Ilayaraja Band to play the keyboard. Later, M.S. He has also worked with musicians such as Viswanathan, Rames Naidu, and Kunnakudi Vaithiyanathan. Due to his passion for music, he studied music at the Trinity College of Music and graduated with a degree in classical music. In 1992, A.R. made his musical debut with the Mani Ratnam directed film ‘Roja’. Raghuman.

He made his mark in his first film. It would not be an exaggeration if this film brought a turning point in his life. Not only were all the songs in the film popular, but the first film won him a National Award. Raghavan made not only Tamils ​​but the whole of India asks, ‘Who is this young man?’ Later, he composed music for Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, English, and many other language films, also known as “Musical Storm”.

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Final Words

In 2008, he composed and released the film Slumdog Millionaire, which won him the Oscar in 2009, the biggest award in the film industry. The awards were given for the film’s ‘Soundtrack’ and the song “Jay Ho”. After receiving the Oscar award and listening to the words “All praise be to God” in Tamil, the Tamil-speaking world sniffed him and made him happy.

He won two Oscars and took India’s fame to the pinnacle. In addition, the film won the 2008 Golden Globe Awards and the Papada Awards. He is also the first Indian to receive this award.

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