Find TNEB Consumer Number | Service No(TANGEDCO) – Guide

TNEB introduced an online portal for Bill Payment. It is very easy to pay the “TNEB” electricity bill online but for that, you need to know your TNEB Consumer Number also known as service no.

Do you know? TNEB is renamed into TANGEDCO. In this article, I am going to share steps to find out the TNEB service number.

tneb consumer number

You need to register an account on TANGEDCO for online bill payment. Before moving to the main part of the article, you need to know the service no format.

TNEB Consumer Number Format

  • Region Code (2 Digit) : xx
  • Section (3 Digit) : xxx
  • Distribution (3 Digit) : xxx
  • Service Number (4 Digit) : xxxx

There are only nine regions in Tamilnadu. Those are,

  • Chennai-North = 01
  • Viluppuram = 02
  • Coimbatore = 03
  • Erode = 04
  • Madurai = 05
  • Trichy = 06
  • Tirunelveli = 07
  • Vellore = 08
  • Chennai-South = 09

Note:- If you have a TNEB card then the service no will be printed on the card. If you lost your card and if you know the last 4 digits of your TNEB consumer no then you can make use of this article.

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Steps to find out the TNEB Service Number

Do you know? TANGEDCO introduced an online facility to find the service no. Visit the TNEB Know Your Service No page.

Select your Region Code and submit the form using Enter Button. Now it will ask you to select your section. Once you have selected the section and submitted the form, it will ask you to select distribution.

Finally, You need to type your last four digits number and captcha code to get full TNEB Consumer Number.

tangedco service number


I hope this article helps you to know your TNEB Consumer Number. If you have any queries then please let me know via comments. I glad to help you. Share this article with your friends to help them too.

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