5 Most Interesting Android Apps Daily Life use

Interesting Android Apps, After waking up in the morning, today’s generation remembers mobile before tea. From morning till evening, almost every work of ours is affected by mobile phones today. As technology has developed, mobile phones have magically made our lives much easier.

Today you will find all kinds of useful Android apps available in Education, Information, Business, Entertainment, Navigation, Flight Booking, Train Booking, Food, Cab order, etc.

Meanwhile, here I am telling you about some interesting applications (Android Mobile Phone Applications) which will be helpful to simplify the activities of your daily life.

5 interesting android apps

Today daily use apps have become such an essential part of our life that we cannot even imagine life without them. We are almost dependent on android apps. In today’s time, mobile is an important part of our life.

Most Interesting Android Apps In Daily Life Use

1. Note Taking App for android

Note Taking App is already installed in almost all smartphones. But it is often not an option, according to our needs. For this, you will need to keep an application separately. I’m talking about a popular Note Taking apps here, which will be useful to you.

Evernote: It has 100+ million downloads so far on the Play Store

This is a Most Popular Note Taking App. Evernote is a cloud-based application, in which all your notes are stored online in real-time.

In this, you can create Text, Sketch, Audio, Photo, Video or PDF file can also be kept as Notes. It is also quite interesting android apps that you can use in daily life.

Evernote Interesting and Useful android app for daily use

If you do not have the internet on your phone, you can still create notes. As soon as your mobile is connected to the internet, then your new notes will be automatically uploaded / sync online. Most importantly, you can access them through your computer or web browser by visiting the www.evernote.com website through your e-mail and password.

2. Complete Screen Rotation App for android

This application will be especially useful for you when you use a mobile phone while charging it. By the way, while charging the phone, we should avoid using it. But due to some reasons or whenever there is urgent work, the battery of the phone is getting low and you must use the phone, then this application can be useful for you.

There are many applications available for this, you can use anyone as per your choice.

In mobile phones, often the charging cable is given downwards. It interrupts while using the phone while charging. You can turn your phone screen upside down using these interesting android apps. By which the charging pin of your phone will go upwards and you can easily use your phone by charging it too.

3. Android App to Change Location of Your Phone

Disclaimer: My purpose is only to give information about it, do not use it in any wrong way.

This application can change the location of your phone. Isn’t it one of the interesting android apps?

With the help of this, you can set the location of your phone according to yourself. After this, whether you see your location in Google Map, or if you share live location on WhatsApp, Facebook to someone, then that location will be shared which you have set yourself.

There are many popular Android applications for this, but I have tried Fake GPS myself and is quite easy to use. It has 10+ million downloads so far on the Play Store.

Fake GPS Change Your Phone Location

You can see here that through the application, the location of my phone is set in the Bay of Bengal. The location of my phone is visible in the exact same location in Google Maps. You can surprise your friend or anyone by sending a location. You can prank them.

In this way, the application of your mobile phone has taken the permission of the location from you. All of them will know the Location which you’ve set up.

But do not do anything wrong here at all. It is not that if you change the location, anyone will not know where you are using the phone. Because there are many ways to catch wrongdoing.

4. Connect your PC to Mobile Must-have apps

There are some applications that can send files from your computer to a mobile phone through a wi-fi hotspot without cable. Or you can send files from mobile phone to computer. If you send data via cable or send data through Gmail, WhatsApp, then your time is wasted in it.

Software Data Cable: It has 10+ million downloads so far on the Play Store

If you use the computer and mobile phone very much and you have to transfer files to each other, then this is a very important application for you. You can transfer files from your PC to mobile or from mobile to PC without connecting the mobile phone to the computer.

Through this, you can transfer files by connecting your phone to PC via hotspot or wi-fi without the internet.

AirDroid: It has 10+ million downloads so far on the Play Store

It works online. In this application, you have to create an account in your mobile and from the same account you log in to your PC, after that you can transfer any file from your phone to PC or from PC to Phone.

AirDroid connect PC to Mobile android app

In addition to transferring files, if you want, your phone’s camera, mobile screen, notifications, messages, contacts or you can say that the whole phone can be remotely accessed from your PC.

AirDroid: Access remotely your Phone from PC

5. News App for Android

If you are a student or a common man, everyone should know what is happening around us. We get to know about this through the news. But due to lack of time, they often forget to read the newspaper or are unable to read it completely.

But today we always have a mobile phone with us. It would be very beneficial for you to keep a news application on your phone. You can have Google News application or there are many more applications available.

If you are preparing for a government job, you need to know about general knowledge. If you are short of time, in this case, I am telling you about an application that will prove to be more useful for you.

InShorts – 60 words News Summary: 10+ million downloads so far on Play Store

This application is one of the famous interesting Android Apps. This application gives you a news summary of about 60 words about the news. In which it provides you a squeeze of the whole news. If you want, you can read the entire news there too.

You will not have to go to any other website, that website opens within this application in one click and you will not have to go to different websites to read the news again and again.

Inshorts best News Application for android

In it, the information collected from the main news website, newspapers, twitter, different websites will be found. The most important thing is that you can control the news appearing in it according to your interest, your location, recent events.

The subject in which you want news appears in your feed. So this is a very interesting Android Apps for you.

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Thus, in this post, I have told you about 5 Most Interesting Android Apps in Daily Life, which are very useful in your daily life and are also very interesting applications. Hope you liked this post. If you have any questions, please comment on how the post sounded.

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