TNREGINET – Encumbrance Certificate Online Tamilnadu[Guide]

Tnreginet net: In this article, I am going to share “How to download EC online in Tamilnadu via TNREGINET website”. Let’s see what it is used for, where it can be used by everyone, so what are the benefits and how to buy it.

EC means Encumbrance Certificate. Do you know? If you want to get a loan for the land property then you need to provide EC.


It is very easy to download the Encumbrance Certificate via the TNREGINET website. Do you know? There are two types of EC available. Those are,

  • Normal EC
  • QR Code EC

The name itself tells that Normal EC is used for all normal purposes except loans. QR code is needed when you are going to apply for a loan.

Do you know? It is very easy to download Patta Chitta Online with the help of the Tamilnadu Government website.

For normal EC, you don’t need to pay money but for QR code EC, you need to pay money. The rate for QR code EC is not fixed it means the price will vary.

How to Download EC via TNREGINET?(tnreginet guideline value)

  1. Open the Tnreginet Website –
  2. Change the language into English
  3. Scroll down the Homepage, You will find the “Encumbrance Certificate” option
  4. Click “Search/View EC” option
  5. It will open the Search Encumbrance Certificate Page
  6. Now fill up the details such as “Zone, District, Sub Registrar Office, EC Start Date, EC End Date, Village, Survey No, and Sub division No”.
  7. Finally, fill up the captcha and search EC.
  8. Now, you can download your EC as PDF.
tnreginet homepage
ec online
EC Online

For your reference, I have attached the TNREGINET website screenshots. I will update this article as soon as possible for QR code EC.

Frequently Asked Questions About TNREGINET EC

How to download EC from Tnreginet?

You don’t need to create an account to download normal EC but if you need QR code EC then you need to register an account.

How to use TNREGINET?

You can check Guideline value & download EC without any registration on the TNREGINET website.


I hope this article helps you to download EC Online. If you have any queries regarding EC please let me know via comments. I am happy to help you. Share this article via social networks to help other peoples.

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