5 Best WhatsApp Status Video Download Sites

Best WhatsApp Status Video Download

Are you looking for Best WhatsApp Status Video Download? You are at the right place. In this article, I am going to share some excellent websites to download WhatsApp status.

If you are searching to Download WhatsApp status saver, I’ll show you how to free download WhatsApp status. It can be a video or Image in your friend’s WhatsApp story; you can download it without any third-party application or software.

WhatsApp Status Video Download
WhatsApp Status Video Download

5 best WhatsApp status video download Sites

There are a lot of sites to download WhatsApp status video. Here I am listing some of the best sites where you can download HD video or images for WhatsApp status.

The best thing about these sites, you can play the video in one click before downloading. When your best WhatsApp status video is found, you can download it in one click.

These are the best sites in my opinion for free download WhatsApp status. The serial of the listing doesn’t describe any recommendation. These sites are collected from the Internet by myself.

How to download WhatsApp status story?

If you really care about your data privacy, you should not install any unofficial moded applications. I know they provide you with some interesting features to download Whatsapp status or your friend’s story, hide your online, typing status, etc.

If these AB, GB, CB WhatsApp are doing everything fine, why they have no place in official Android or iPhone play stores? The answer is simple, your data is not secure when you use these applications. I never recommend you to use them to WhatsApp Status Video Download.

These applications are doing just like you giving your card details to someone and he is providing you features of payment without a PIN or without your card details. You don’t know what type of details or data they are accessing on your phone.

Method No.1 to Download WhatsApp Status video Story

This method will help you if you are a little bit technical. This works according to the Fact that our seen WhatsApp stories can be watched again without any further internet data. Do you know how?

When we download or have seen any WhatsApp status video/image story on our mobile phone, it is temporarily downloaded in our Phone Memory. It remains available for the next 24 hrs but is hidden from the gallery.

So, you can locate any WhatsApp Status Video Downloaded, at any time within 24 hrs. Then you can copy/move it to any of your folders in your gallery. You need to follow the below steps:

  1. Open your Phone’s File Explorer
  2. Enable “Show Hidden Files” mode
    • As all the status files are hidden in your phone so, we need to enable it.
    • Depends on your phone settings, this can be found before entering into a folder or after entering into a folder.
  3. Look and Go into folder “WhatsApp
  4. Look folder “Media” and go into this.
  5. Then click on “.Statuses

That’s it, you have all WhatsApp stories in this folder you watched in the last 24 hrs. Now select the desired WhatsApp Status Video/Image. Copy or move it to any of your folders of the phone.

That WhatsApp Status Video is downloaded (:

It already downloaded but it was hidden. Now you have moved it to a visible folder so it will appear in your gallery as well.

Method No.2 to Download WhatsApp Status video Story

This method is secure more than installing any moded application on your phone. This only has access to read your WhatsApp Status Stories.

So, if you are not technical and want it to happen easily you can download any WhatsApp status download app. I recommend downloading it from trusted sources as the Android play store apple store.

You can also try this one: Status Saver – Pic/Video Downloader for WhatsApp. It has millions of downloads and good reviews/ratings as well.

After that, you will have an option to Download WhatsApp Status video Story into your gallery.

Technically these applications do the same thing, what you do manually in method No.1.


So, in this article, I have given you Ideas of best WhatsApp status video download sites and Download WhatsApp status story without any third-party application. WhatsApp status saver is also better is you download it from trusted sources as Play Store.

I hope this will help you. Comments and suggestions are welcome (:

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