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Gautama Buddha Biography – Childhood, Life Achievements

Gautama Buddha: Siddhartha Gautama was born in Lumbini, Nepal, the son of the Kapilavastu emperor Suthodana Gautama and the queen Mahamaya. When the Buddha was born, there were thirty-two sacred birthmarks on his body indicating his prosperous future. He was raised by his sister, Mahaprajapati, as his mother died seven days after he was born.

Gautama Buddha Biography - Childhood, Life Achievements

During Siddhartha’s horoscope, the astrologers said that he would become a world-renowned monk, and his father, who wanted to make him a king by raising him to excel, kept him in a palace so that he could not understand the meaning of hardship, trouble and hard work. In his youth, Siddharth lived a life of affluence and luxury. He spent all his youth in the palace.

Gautama Buddha Biography – Childhood, Life Achievements

BC Gautama Buddha was a Siddhartha priest who lived between 563 and 483 BC. He is the founder of the famous Buddhism. The Buddha, who spent his youth in prosperity, later became a monk and attained enlightenment under the Bodhi tree and became a great sage.

Who taught the great philosophy that desire is the cause of suffering. He also spoke about human life and thought. The teachings of the Buddha are being followed in various countries around the world, including China, Tibet, Japan and Sri Lanka. These followers are called Buddhists.

Fearing that his son would renounce worldly pleasures and become a monk, Siddhartha married a girl named Yasodhara when Siddhartha was sixteen years old. They both had a son, Ragula. He was indifferent to the luxurious, royal life in which he lived, Siddharth.

Disgusted with palace life and domestic life, he left the palace one day, unnoticed by his father, in order to find out the meaning of his existence in the world. As the astrologers predicted, along the way he saw a crippled old man, a sick man, a corpse, and finally a quiet monk.

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Final Words

The Buddha accepted the invitation of one of his disciples and went to his house to eat. Because of the poison his disciples mixed with that food, he became ill. Later, he staggered to a place called Kushinagar. He took his final bath in the Kakuta River. After a short rest, he returned to nature.

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