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Google Input Tools is a windows software that is used to type various languages easily. I don’t know why Google stopped the support for the offline installer.

Yes, You can’t download Google Input Tools offline installer on the google website. I heard from local peoples they need the software eagerly because Chrome extension won’t fulfill their requirements.

google input tools download

That is the only reason I did research about “Google Input Tools Download Source“. I found a lot of websites sharing the offline installer but they have mentioned the installation procedure.

Personally, I think sharing the files via the Google drive is the best way because I believe in Google.

Google Input Tools Offline Installer

You can’t set up the software in a single installation. Yes, It requires a two-time installation because you have to install the preferred language pack after the installation of the core software.

Note:- Must install the core file first then the language pack

Main FileDownload

Advantages & Disadvantages – Google Input Tools | Offline Installer | Extension

The disadvantage of the chrome extension is you can’t type outside the chrome browser. If you would like to type in MS Word means then you need to install the offline installer.

Another advantage of Google Input Tools offline installer is you can switch languages easily and no need the internet connection.

If you know any other advantages and disadvantages then please let us know via comments. I am happy to list out.

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I forgot to mention, you need to install the core file first after that install the language pack. Otherwise, the software won’t work.

As per my research, the Tamil offline installer is mostly searched by the users. Thanks for your love my dear users. If I want to improve anything then contact me via the contact page.

Google may be stopped the support for the offline installer due to Microsoft. I don’t know the exact reason. I used the Google drive link so you can download the software without any hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions About Google Input Tools

Why Google stopped the support for the offline installer?

I think it is impossible to force updates. Every day a lot of new applications are developed and a lot of features added to the operating system so it is hard to maintain the software that’s why Google offered the online tool and chrome extension.

Is Chrome extension much better than Google Input Tools offline installer?

No, I personally tested both the Chrome extension and the offline installer. I feel better when I use the offline installer.


I hope this article helps you to download Google Input Tools Offline Installer for all languages. Do you know? Windows OS supports various languages to type but Google is the best one. Share your thoughts about this software via comments to help others.

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