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How to Apply Income Certificate Online – Step By Step Guide

Hello my dear friends what I am going to tell you through this article is that we will see in detail how to get an income certificate on the Tamilnadu website TNeGA website.

We are currently in a dilemma across the country. The reason is that the virus is increasingly spreading across the country. At times like this, we cannot go to the government office. The reason for this is the fear that if we go out, the virus will infect us.

It is with this in mind that I wrote this article. The reason is that we all have the facility to get the certificate from home. You will understand how it is after you have fully read the article.

What is Income Certificate Download?

You may be wondering what an income certificate is. The income certificate is a certificate that indicates how much income we will receive per year.

That is, according to the Government of Tamil Nadu, the Government of Tamil Nadu offers us certain benefits if our income is below average. Using it we can get some benefits. That is why we can get this income certificate through the Tamil Nadu website TNeGA.

This certificate can also be availed of scholarships provided by the Government of Tamil Nadu and is useful for some government jobs.

Income Certificate Online

Apply Income Certificate Online Tamilnadu | Step By Step Guide

  • First, go to the Tamil Nadu website TNeGA website
  • Once there we need to do the account creation as we have already seen. We will see in detail how to create an account in a previous article. If you have any doubts go there and take a look.
  • The next step is to register the CAN Number. In the previous article, we saw in detail how to register a Can Number. If you have any doubts please take a look at my second article.
  • After we have completed these tasks we will be asked for the username and password in which we will have to enter our username and password and then click on the Revenue Department.
  • After clicking on the Revenue Department, the next page called Income Certificate will open. I have shown you a picture of it above you can see and know.
  • Next, the instructions page is the one that opens, you just need to fill it in carefully and move on to the next step

Documents Required

  • Applicant Photo
  • Any Address Proof
  • TIN Number and the Trade
  • Details of Land Holdings
  • Details of houses owned ward wise
  • Family or Smart Card
  • Self-Declaration of Applicant
  • Salary Certificate(Latest Copy)
  • PAN card

I hope you have already registered the CAN Number. Search your CAN number and proceed further. If not register CAN number.

Now you have to add yours and your family person’s income details. It is necessary to add all your family member’s income details.

You have to enter the below details.

  • Name
  • Age
  • Relationship
  • Profession
  • Sex
  • Source of Income
  • Monthly Income(In Rs.)
  • Annual Income(In Rs.)
  • Grand Total(In Rs.)

After completing these tasks it will show you how much it costs. Once you have paid that amount the certificate will come to your home in one or two weeks.

You may have another doubt as to why we need to apply for this certificate tnesevai website or whether we can go to the VAO office.

That means some will not have time, some will have time. This means that people who are running out of time can do the app online from the comfort of their own home. Some people who have more time can go to the VAO office and apply and pay some amount and then go to the taluka office and pay the amount and finally get the certificate. Choose the facility you need yourself.

If you apply online you will spend only 60 rupees or I will go to the VAO office or the taluka office will think that there is a facility to spend several hundred rupees Choose for yourself.

Final Words

Hello to my friends who have patiently read the article so far, through this article we have clearly understood how to get Income Certificate and what are the benefits of Income Certificate If you have any doubt please comment in the comment box.

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