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Parris Jeyaraj Movie Download Isaimini Moviesda & Tamilyogi

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For Tamil cinema, this story is like walking on a knife culturally. But the way this is interestingly scripted and the knots that eventually fall into the story are Semma Pa (ri) s. Although Ghanaian songs are North Chennai religion, the film is fun to watch with the family and all area viewers. Let’s smile and have fun.

Sincerely, Santhanam is in love with the daughter of RS Sivaji, a Ghanaian singer. RS Shivaji, who thinks that this love should be separated, seeks the help of a lawyer. His idea pays off. Lovers part. Santhanam is upset because his father broke up with him.

At that time another love sprouts from college student Anika Sothi. The screenplay answers questions such as whether this love is handy, what Dad did to the mess, the confusion, the danger, and what became of Anika’s ex-boyfriend.

Parris Jeyaraj is all set to release a film directed by Johnson starring Santhanam, which is all set to release next month.

The teaser for the film was released last week. This teaser has become a very popular movie among the people. The reason for that is Santhanam’s comedy and in this film, he appears as a singer. The film is expected to release in the coming weeks as fans have said it is a favorite.

This movie is U certified. And the film has come out better with only two songs and one fight scene. The song that comes when you go on the bus is set to be enjoyed and punctuated.

parris jeyaraj movie

Parris Jeyaraj Movie Download Isaimini Moviesda & Tamilyogi

As you all know, Santhanam first set foot on the iconic screen. That too he grew up on Vijay TV and then went to the silver screen due to the growth in his acting. Then he had art as a comedy actor.

After a while he tied the knot for comedy and then starred in several films with the intention of becoming an actor and found success. Accordingly this film is about to come out in his acting. People all accepted Santhanam as an actor and accordingly informed the film that this movie will grow well.

Parris Jeyaraj movie Santhanam appears as a singer. In the first part of it, he crawls around as a good guy. In the second part, he crawls around like a drunken young man. The reason is that he is going to fall in love with life and fail. He drinks to deny it.

Parris Jeyaraj Full Movie Leaked Kuttymovies & Alternative Websites

Santhanam is played by Anaika Sodi and Sashtika Rajendra. Mottai Rajendran plays the lead role. Santosh Narayanan is the composer, Arthur K. Wilson is the cinematographer, Prakash Babu is the editor and Hari Dinesh is the fight director.

A lawyer comes in to prevent this, whether you are in love or arranging a wedding. He intends to stop this marriage somehow. He is the one who makes him addicted to a bad habit.

More than half of the film is about a girl who gets drunk and falls in love with him. Marriages happen when Santhanam makes sure that we can fall in love. Even during the marriage this lawyer comes and stops the marriage.

I do not know what to say. That’s what they say. If we want to see this movie in its entirety we have to see this movie on the screen.

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Parris Jeyaraj Movie Review

Santhanam’s film is also well-placed to enjoy. The reason for that is that Santhanam comedy is well situated in terms of thinking. While his fans have reported that the song and fight scenes of the film have come out better, the movie has been better, and some parts of the film seem to be out of demand. That’s the area that creates a boring character to the film.

Movie Teaser


What is the story of the Parris jeyaraj movie?

Parris jeyaraj has a lot of comedy scenes in the film

What is the name of the director of this film?

Johnson K

Final Words

Let’s wait to see the movie I expect the movie to be the best movie ever for me. The reason for that is that Santhanam is set to make a great actor. Our websites kindly request all of you to watch the movie in the right way.

This is the second film between the Santhanam-Johnson alliance after the success of ‘A1’. Santhanam would no longer be better off acting in age-appropriate roles. How many more films do you see as a lover circling behind women? Santhanam also seems to have difficulty in dance movements.

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