Ratsasan Movie Download in Tamilyogi Tamilrockers & Isaimini

Ratsasan Movie: A psycho killer, if he sees some, he hates to see some. So he kills them. The police stumble upon it, unable to figure out how they were killed and why. But, only the protagonist somehow finds it.

Ratsasan Movie

‘Psycho’ films with stories like this have already appeared in Tamil cinema. The director of the film Ramkumar has given a similar ‘Psycho’ film.

In addition, the first scene of the film shows a little girl being brutally murdered. The camera moved a little towards the little girl’s body and finally entered the little girl’s dug eyes in close-up Yappa .what a horror. Only those who have the courage to bear all this, in the beginning, can continue to watch the film.

Four or five girls in a row, including schoolchildren, are abducted and killed. It is good to have a restriction on showing women, girls and girls even in cinema. Fifteen-year-old girls are killed in a row and do not even have a limit in showing their murdered body, showing such cruelty.

Who is the villain of the film is suspense. If you say that this is the villain who commits murders, the existing interest will be gone. It has not been said what caused the ‘psycho‘ to kill some girls in Chennai at present, regardless of the fact that he was humiliated when he was in school 20 years ago.

It’s too much for a world-class schoolboy to draw a picture of a boy suffering from a strange disease being ‘bald’ and teasing him by marking parts.

Ratsasan Movie Download in Tamilyogi Tamilrockers & Isaimini

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Final Words

Rather than understanding how mentally ill people feel pain, the director has a negative understanding of how they behave.

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