Sai Baba Of Shirdi Biography – Childhood, Life Achievements, Temple

Sai Baba, popularly known as Siradi Sai Baba, was born in Siradi, Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra, India. The details of his birth are still a mystery as no real information about his birth and early life is available. But he is said to have been born to Hindu parents and later raised in a Muslim family.

He is said to have appeared as a monk when he was sixteen years old, when he first meditated under a palm tree. Later, he began to impart the best spiritual principles to the people who sought him. More and more people started coming to see him. He also blessed those who came to him saying ‘they are not well’ and cured their disease.

His spiritual teachings attracted people from all walks of life, not just Hindus and Muslims. Moreover, his teachings, philosophies, and statements were in very simple language that could be easily understood by the public. His fame began to spread throughout India.

shirdi sai baba biography

Sai Baba Of Shirdi Biography – Childhood, Life Achievements, Temple

Siradi Sai Baba, popularly known as the ‘First Incarnate Purusha’ of India throughout the twentieth century, passed away on October 15, 1918. Even though he is not here today, the place where he was buried in Siradi is now a holy place of worship for tens of thousands.

The bonfire lit by Baba in Dwarakamai is still burning today. Baba is burning firewood in it. He used to sit in front of it and meditate daily. He will bring to his devotees from this Agni Kund the vibudhi called ‘Udi’. This ‘trick’ is very powerful. It can cure all kinds of corruption, disease, and all sins.

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There is no end to the miracles that Baba did in his lifetime. Finding the missing horse is all ubiquitous. Kept alive until death. The miracles he performed were innumerable, providing abundant food, curing diseases, guarding against thieves, and being in many places at once. No less than the miracles he performed today.

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