Birth Control Pill – Contraception, The Pill, Effectiveness, Types

Birth Control Pill: Awareness in India is very low, resulting in reproductive health awareness and many misconceptions. Both men and women are subject to unnecessary fears due to a lack of adequate sexual awareness. The key to that unnecessary fear is not to use birth control pills.

Birth Control Pill - Contraception, The Pill, Effectiveness, Types

Birth control pills cause some side effects in the early stages. But current scientific development has eliminated most of it. This fear about birth control pills can cause unwanted pregnancy and physical and mental harm to the woman. You can find out the facts about birth control pills in this post.

Birth Control Pill – Contraception, The Pill, Effectiveness, Types

The biggest advantage of birth control pills is that they work effectively and have a low failure rate when used properly. Also include regular menstrual cycles and light flow. Women should realize the importance of their reproductive health and use it with caution. Let’s take a closer look at the superstitions about contraceptive pills and its facts.

First-generation birth control pills caused some temporary weight gain related to fluid retention in the body. But current contraceptive pills do not cause weight gain, but rather help patients with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) lose weight.

New contraceptive pill formulas with new progesterone components reduce testosterone concentrations and reduce the risk of acne and abnormal hair growth in PCOS patients.

There is no evidence that birth control pills affect fertility in any way. They only prevent ovulation and pregnancy.

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Final Words

Birth control pills are generally safe, but some people with certain risk factors, such as having a genetic predisposition to developing blood clots, or obese or smokers are not eligible for birth control pills. Therefore, one should always consult a doctor and get a risk assessment before starting oral contraceptive pills (OCP).

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