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Cancer prevention – 7 tips to reduce your risk, cancer prevention foods list

Cancer prevention: Food is information for fuel and cells for the body. The gut is the body that has an amazing immune system. This is the first place of protection for the body when under attack or when there is inflammation in the system. Ensuring a strong immune system is crucial to keep the body flexible against attack by food, environmental pollution, and toxins.

Cancer is a disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in the body. The body’s immune system is mostly in the gut. That’s why the nutrients we eat and absorb are essential in the fight against cancer.

Food is important to prevent cancer. We should see food as a medicine that believes in natural healing powers. That is how one should eat foods. So let’s see in this post about foods that can help prevent cancer.

Cancer prevention

Cancer prevention – 7 tips to reduce your risk, cancer prevention foods list

Eating more fruits and vegetables can help prevent cancer. Red foods are high in lycopene and carotenoids. They have serious protective effects against free radicals. It has an effect on prostate cancer, lung and heart disease.

Eat red fruits and vegetables including strawberries, watermelon, red grapes, cherries, apples. Orange foods contain beta cryostasis. It has endogenous connections and is also known to help against heart disease.

Green leafy vegetables contain carcinogens, such as sulforaphane and other indoles, iso-flavonoids. They help prevent the process of altering cancer-related characteristics.

Blue and purple foods contain powerful antioxidants called anthocyanins. This helps to prevent the formation of blood clots. It is found in blueberries, blackberries, grapes, plums, and figs.

The second goal is to balance hormones and remove toxins. It is equally necessary to remove toxins from the body. Green leafy vegetables that are high in sulfur have excellent estrogenic properties. Another great way to detoxify the estrogen system is to maintain good liver health.

The liver metabolizes estrogen. Therefore, eating vitamin E or milk can lead to better liver function.

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Final Words

The third goal is to reduce the effects of inflammation on the body due to stress, pollution, lifestyle choices, and unhealthy eating habits. Anti-inflammatory foods include omega 3, probiotics, and the like. Omega-3s are known for their anti-inflammatory properties and help to reduce the cytokine effect. They help to calm the whole body and reduce the response to inflammation

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