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Kadri Gopalnath – Movies, Biography, News, Age & Photos

Kadri Gopalnath was born on December 11, 1949, in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, the son of a father and a mother. His father was a Nataswara artist. Once upon a time when a band was playing the saxophone at the Mysore Palace, he was so impressed with the music that he aspired to be a great artist in saxophone music ever since. Following that, he started learning saxophone reading from Gopalakrishna Iyer of Kalaniketana, Mangalore. Later, in Chennai, the famous melodic music genius D. V. He did music training with Gopalakrishnan.

Kadri Gopalnath - Movies, Biography, News, Age & Photos

Kadri Gopalnath – Movies, Biography, News, Age & Photos

He performed his first concert at the Chemme Memorial Foundation. After that, the Bombay Jazz Festival in 1980 marked a turning point in his musical journey. John Hunty, a famous California jazz musician who attended the concert, was not only very impressed with his saxophone music but also wanted to accompany him.

1994 Q.. He made his saxophone music debut in the Tamil film industry with the film ‘Duet’ directed by Balachander. Not only is saxophone music used in all the songs in the film, but the majority of the music is set to saxophone.

Not only in India but also abroad in the United States and Germany, he brought Indian traditional music to his saxophone music. He also performed at the 1994 BBC Music Festival in London, presenting his mesmerizing saxophone music. He is also the first Carnatic musician to be invited to a concert hosted by the BBC.

Kadri Gopalnath co-wrote the album ‘Kinsmen’ with the famous saxophone musician Rudresu Magandappa. Later, he co-wrote the album ‘Southern Brothers’ with jazz flute musician James Newton from the same country. In addition, the sound-and-light presentation ‘East-West’, which reflects the mix of Indian and Western music, is considered one of the musical trinities in India

Honours & Awards

Padma ShriCivilian Award2004Arts

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Final Words

One can say that there is no one who is not mesmerized by music, who popularized such wonderful art in music called saxophone and performed it in many concerts and immersed millions of fans in the rain of music. His saxophone music expression, to the extent that it soothes listeners, is perhaps the most wonderful. In particular, no one can deny that Kadri Gopalnath is a ‘great artist’ when it comes to playing the saxophone.

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