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vada chennai

Vada Chennai Movie: Each of the characters in the film is just living, and we can never see anyone as an actor. Lovingly Dhanush takes the film itself to the next level. He started at the age of 18 and has lived in the character for him since he was over 30 years old.

People only know that Vada Chennai is a riot, but it is the same, but it is these politicians who are using them as slaves and cultivating them by giving them a knife without giving them a textbook to grow for their politics.

The prison scenes that come at the beginning of the film, the kingdom that Senthil makes inside of it, how the drug hand changes and the way the winner shows how they make millions from where they sit are astounding in his work.

Speaking of detailing the film, there is a riot going on in the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, in which the mood of the people, the death of MGR a few years later, the politics that take place in it, the eviction of the slum dwellers, the way in which the current ruling party is portrayed in the film as the winner. That’s courage. Let’s stand up and appreciate it.

Likewise, the film crew should just say full thanks to the censor board, all the bad word we speak in practice comes without beep in the film, the story with so much need for it released with A certificate is a good result.

Rajan Aamir’s character is what keeps us entertained after love even though many of the characters in the film come and go. Andrea is intimidating for the last half hour. The second half ends as if he is the hero.

Vada Chennai Movie Download in Tamilyogi Tamilrockers

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Final Words

Santosh Narayanan’s music is intimidating. The background brings us a fear of music by ourselves. Similarly, Velraj’s cinematography is an experience we had when we went to Vada Chennai.

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