Ithu Thaanda Police Movie Download in Tamilyogi & Isaimini

Ithu Thaanda Police Movie: Mahesh Babu, who lost his mother and father at an early age, accepted him as Rajendra Prasad as a police officer. Rajendra Prasad already has a son. One day Rajendra Prasad’s son makes a mistake and Mahesh Babu accepts the murder and goes to jail. Rajendra Prasad hates Mahesh Babu who sabotaged his dream.

ithu thaanda police

Ithu Thaanda Police Movie Download in Tamilyogi

Mahesh Babu, who was admitted to the Reformed school for wrongdoing, grew up there and became an excellent police officer. He also specializes in encounters. His actions scare the big bucks.

In this case, the biggest dad, Sonu Suite, is looking to install a large-scale power project in his hometown. He kills the troubled government officials. Everyone is afraid to oppose him.

In this case, Mahesh Babu becomes Sonu Suit. When he comes to the Sonu Suite area, Sonu supports everyone below. Sonu hopes to come here from abroad soon. Meanwhile, Mahesh Babu falls in love with Tamanna, a sweet shop in the city. The police no longer like Tamanna. However, he somehow manages to impress her.

On the other hand, Mahesh Babu knows that Rajendra Prasad, who adopted himself as a child in the same town, lives there. He hates Mahesh babu and hesitates to talk to him. At one point, Maheshbabu learns the truth and begins to talk to him. Rajendra Prasad says he killed his son who was not a collector of Sonu’s project. Mahesh Babu decides to settle Sonu.

In the end, how did Mahesh Babu overcome Sonu’s plan and resolve his enmity? The rest.

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Final Words

Director Srinu Vaitla is very impressed with the first act and Mahesh Babu’s tactics to finally defeat the enemy. Similarly, the bright subtitles of the film make up the image. KV Kukan’s cinematography and Taman’s music add extra strength.

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