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Ponmagal Vanthal: With the curfew closed, the film will be released directly on the OTT site, Amazon. The film was released last month in the face of bitter opposition from theater owners.

Ponmagal Vanthal

The central theme of the film is the sexual harassment of little girls. The film is designed to get women out of the safety net of the general thinking that women will never come to express their grief.

Ponmagal Vanthal Movie Download | Story Review

5 children are regularly abducted in Ooty. Also, 2 youths are murdered. This causes great fear among the people of the area. Police kill him by claiming he is a psycho girl named Jodi. After a long day, Jyotika, daughter of Bhagyaraj, takes up the case, saying that Jyoti has done nothing wrong.

What is the connection between the astrologer and the astrologer, and why should he take this case and finish the case successfully? Remaining.

Parthiban, who comes as a lawyer in the opposition, says her own nihilism in the courtroom is sometimes pleasurable. Parthiban knows that Jeni’s real daughter is not Wenba, but that Parthon is doing it in court and not defending Tyagarajan.

Expectations increase every time Jodhika appears in court. Unlike court scenes shown in conventional cinema, the scenery engulfs us like a quiet river. At the same time, there is no famine.

Better than all of this, Petrick stresses how careful we must be in today’s social climate. Ramji gives us the cinematography footage to support this, and the manner in which the court scenes are taken is a super, Govind Vasant music story.

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Final Words

The Twist entertains fans who are waiting for the end, which no one expects. Those final scenes of pain will surely upset all those who watch the film. He’s the right whip for sex offenders with money and political power .

In the whole case, Jodhika is the great success of Ponmagal Vanthal.

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