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Bavender Bharathidasan was born on April 29, 1891 in Puthuvai, South India, the son of Kanakasabai Mudaliar and Ilakumi Ammal. His father was a big businessman in Awur. Bharathidasan is their given name Suburatnam. He added the first half of his father’s name to his name and called it ‘Kanakasupurattinam’.

Bharathidasan has been passionate about the Tamil language since his youth. However, due to French domination in New York, he attended a French school. He learned his primary education from teacher Tirupulisamy Ayya. He formally studied Tamil literature, Tamil grammar and Vedic theology under the supervision of eminent scholars.

Bharathidasan Biography, Life, Interesting Facts, Books

Bharathidasan Biography, Life, Interesting Facts, Books

Since he had the opportunity to join the school in Tamil studies, he joined there and learned lessons in his favorite Tamil language. At a young age, he had the ability to write delicious and beautiful songs.

He was well educated and at the age of sixteen, he joined Kalve College in Puthuvai, where he expanded his interest in the Tamil language and his Tamil scholarship. With his knowledge of Tamil and his Vida effort, he paid full attention to the exam, graduating with a three-year bachelor’s degree in two years and graduating first in college.

As he had such a Tamil scholarship at a very young age, soon after completing his college studies, he became the Tamil teacher of the Government College, Karaikal in 1919.

Bharathidasan married Palani Ammayar in 1920, the year after he became a Tamil editor. They both had a son, Mannarmannan, born on November 3, 1928. After that, daughters Saraswati, Vasantha and Ramani were also born.

Bharathidasan, who was obsessed with the Tamil language, considered Subramania Bharathiyar as his psychic guru. He sang his song during his friend’s wedding and met Bharathiyar in person. Not only did he get compliments from Bharti, he also got his friendship. From that day on, he changed his given name from Kanakasupurattinam to ‘Bharathidasan’.

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Final words

Bharathidasan, a versatile writer, film writer, poet, and politician, died of natural causes on April 21, 1964.

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