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How to Apply the Disability Pension Scheme in TamilNadu

How to Apply the Disability Pension Scheme: Friends, through this article we are going to learn how to apply the Disability Pension Scheme in Tamil Nadu on the Eesavai website.

The Government of Tamil Nadu has brought this service to the disabled. This means that the Government of Tamil Nadu has come up with this policy to help the disabled as they are unable to do any work at home.

That is, people with disabilities do not evaluate themselves at home because they cannot do any work. This is a big help to them as the Tamil Nadu government respects them and gives them a small amount every month. I am very proud to have provided this article, so I am very proud that this government has helped.

How to Apply the Disability Pension Scheme in TamilNadu

How to Apply the Disability Pension Scheme
  • Log in to the e-District portal first.
  • On the Dashboard, in the menu, click Manage Citizen and select Register Citizen.
  • In the previous article, we clearly saw how to register an account and CAN number. If you have any doubts, please go there.
  • Enter the can number and account, and log in with the username and password. Fill in all the details in the background and then move on.
  • Now the Earnings Pension Dashboard will appear, in which you can move your mouse straight to the Disability Pension option and click on the Apply Now option.
  • Now the user has no cake. Register now Click the CAN No Search button you registered for users.
  • Now of the unfinished details, you have to fill in first. Fill in the unfilled details first in the Bank / Postal Details section.
  • In the Mode of Disbursement, choose the way you want to receive the amount. That is if you want to get the amount through the bank, select Bank. If you want to receive by mail, select Postal.
  • If you choose a bank, fill in the bank name, branch name, account number, and IFSC code details for which you wish to receive the grant. If you choose postage, provide the details of the post office you wish to receive by any post.
  • Then the Disability Details section will appear and fill in the required Type of Disability, Disability Percentage, Disability ID Card No.
  • The Annual Income Details section of the applicant will appear, in which you will be asked to fill in the details. Select the career/career of the applicant or the life of the applicant’s family. Then fill in the annual income in the income section below.
  • Then the Upload Document section will come up and upload all the documents in it.
  • Then check that all the information you have filled in the application is correct and then press the Submit button to submit your application.

What are the required documents?

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Final Words

I would like to thank my friends for reading my article patiently so far. Through this article, we have clearly learned how to apply to the Disability Pension Scheme in Tamil Nadu. Please comment if you have any doubts.

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