Natpe Thunai Movie Download isaimini moviesda Tamilyogi Tamilmv

Natpe Thunai Movie Download isaimini moviesda, Natpe Thunai Movie Download Tamilyogi Tamilmv Kuttymovies, Natpe Thunai Movie Download Tamilrockers: Prabhakaran, a hero from the Karaikal area of ​​Pondicherry, is trying to go to hip hop Adi France and his mother Kausalya is against his attempt.

In this situation, before the French government gave independence to the Pandi area, a martyr named Aranganathan Iya, who played hockey, won a playground in the Pandi Karaikal Klingal Hill area, especially the hockey playground, and gave it to the people of the town from the French who won hockey.

Pandi Sports Minister Karu Palaniappan is trying to privatize the place. How does Hero Adi, who after Aranganathan Iya stop it with his sporting prowess and present it to the people of the village like him, grab his girlfriend from that village? Is the story and plot of the movie “Friendly Sub”!

Natpe Thunai Movie Download isaimini moviesda Tamilyogi Tamilmv

Natpe Thunai Movie Download isaimini moviesda Tamilyogi Tamilmv

Khushboo Sunder, Parthiban Desingh in the Sundari production of the film “Natpe Thunai” which has been released to play hip hop Adi on this page, is the reason why politicians are corrupt people with the story ….

Hip hop Adi has played the role of Prabhakaran brilliantly. He runs throughout the film and in some places sings and plays. The rogue single song is still ringing in my ears after leaving the theater. Adi Anupava Hockey Player Model and Kadhal Pillaiyar Model are floating throughout the film, a big plus for the film!

Karu Palaniappan, who becomes a villain, has made a difference as a villainous villain who is a poisonous man who knows the thing. In my first ministerial post, I earned Rs 100 crore, Rs 100 crore for my wife and Rs 100 crore for my child. All you earn now is that people have to pay you to vote for the election every time.

That’s why the ideology of the climax says that it is the public who pay to vote that keeps us corrupt every time!

Pandiyarajan. R, Kaushalya, Kumaravel, etc. have acted as something. At the same time, Harish Uthman, Vignesh Kant, Aswin Jerome, Buffalo Sani Vijayakumar, Chutty Aravind, Rajmohan … have done their part well …. is comforting!

Movie Details

Director: D. Parthiban Desingu
Producer: Sundar C
Production Company: Avni Movies
Music Director: Hiphop Tamizha
Lyricists: Arivu, Hiphop Tamizha
Cinematographer: Arvind Singh
Editor: Benny Oliver
Art Designer: Gururaj
Screenplay Writers: Sreekanth VASRP, Devesh Jeyachandran
Dialogue Writers: Sreekanth VASRP, Devesh Jeyachandran
Original Story Writers: Sreekanth VASRP, Devesh Jeyachandran
Action Choreographer: Pradeep Dinesh
Song Choreographer: Siva Rock Shankar
Costume Designer: Preethi Narayanan

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Reakanth & S Devesh Jayachandran’s story, screenplay, verse … are special. Fanny Oliver’s gallery is neither a pakka collection nor a Badavathi collection. Arvind Singh’s cinematography captures the perfect confluence of the Karaikal River and the sea. Well done! Other Scenes Bash Bash !! This “rogue single” in seven of the seven songs in hip hop Tamil music

Directed by Parthiban Desingu, the film speaks volumes about the Indian national sport of hockey in a way that no other film in Tamil cinema has ever done. At the same time, the director has to answer whether an international hockey player will throw away hockey just because a friend is not given the opportunity to play nationally and there is politics in the game.

Final words

The way cricket is told to the British, the way hockey is told to the French, and the way the hockey game is talked about in detail in a way that does not bore the fan, adds value to the “Natpe Thunai” film!

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